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Deed-In-Lieu Vs Short Sale

There basically is little difference in the outcomes of these 2 Actions-the Bank ends up with your Property and you do not get foreclosed upon. However, there are several differences worth noting;


    1) All paperwork and Negotiations are conducted between your Lender and yourself as the Homeowner (or your Attorney);

    2) Any Junior Liens, such as second or 3rd Mortgages or Homeowner’s Association Dues are your responsibility to negotiate with that particular Lienholder;

    3) Homeowner or their Attorney need to make sure a Waiver of Deficiency is included as a Part of the Transaction; and

    4) Since most people use an Attorney to complete a Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure, the Homeowner is responsible for paying their Attorney’s Fees.

Short Sale
    1) Your Listing Agent conducts all Negotiations with your Lender (No hassle to you);

    2) Your Listing Agent will negotiate with all Lienholders and usually a small portion of what your First Lienholder receives will be applied to other Lienholders, so, hopefully, this will cost you little or Nothing;

    3) Your Listing Agent makes sure a Waiver of Deficiency is included in the Short Sale Package; and

    4) This costs you Nothing! Your Lender pays our Commissions! How Cool is That!!!!!








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